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five tips to get the most efficient

Does your kitchen tend to look cluttered, messy and unorganized? You are not alone. Millions of Americans have cluttered kitchens, making it easy to have an accident or a cooking disaster. The good news: it is easier than ever to get organized and have a neat, orderly kitchen that is safe and easy to use. Follow these five tips to get the most efficient and safe kitchen possible.

Tip #1: Invest in an island. Especially helpful if you have limited counter space, a kitchen island is a fantastic way to add surface area to your kitchen. You can find islands or work stations that are completely customizable and cater just to your needs. Some come with built-ins like wine racks or pot hooks. Others have the luxury of granite tops. Still others are just a simple rolling cart that gives a little more storage. Whatever your needs, a kitchen island is a great way to get neat.

Tip#2: Hang your cookware. If it seems like every time you open a cabinet, things fall out, you may want to consider a hanging pot rack. Great for displaying beautiful cookware, a pot rack also frees up a lot of cabinet space. Whether placed in the center of the room above an island or above your stove, a pot rack offers storage for big items in a decorative and easy-to-access way.

Tip #3: Recycle elsewhere. Oftentimes, the kitchen is the spot for the recycling bin, as it is easy to access. Move the recycling bin out to a mudroom or porch area and see how much space is cleared up. The clutter of a recycling container can make your kitchen seem unclean, not to mention the smell of having week-old waste in the room. Though it might be less convenient, moving the recycling out of the kitchen is a great way to tidy up.

Tip #4: Clean the Cupboards. The messiest place in the kitchen can be the cupboards. Take the time to sort through your cupboards and organize them according to frequency of usage. Match plastic container with their lids and get rid of anything that you haven’t used in a year or longer. Place into storage items that you want to keep but just don’t use that often, like your blender or food processor. Cleaning out the cupboards can make a huge difference in the tidiness of your kitchen.

Tip #5: Switch to a Bar. Rather than clutter your kitchen with a full-sized dining table and chairs, consider switching to a smaller, more compact bar table with barstools. You will still be able to eat in the kitchen but with far less room taken up. There are many trendy and affordable bar sets on the market and with the extra space in the kitchen, you will be able to get even more organized and neat. A bar set in the kitchen also gives guests a cool place to hang out while you prepare dinner.

There are many great things you can do to help yourself get organized in the kitchen. Keep the counters clear of junk mail, cookbooks and clutter. You will find your kitchen easier to use and safer for everyone in the family.

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