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shui bedroom

1. Place your bed carefully. Feng shui is all about the flow of energies and perhaps no place in the bedroom is this flow more important than around the bed. The bed should never be place up against a wall. Leave about 7 inches of space in order to keep the flow of energy moving. Likewise, place the foot of the bed away form the doorway. This prevents the energy from the rest of the house from keeping you awake. Balance the bed with two small tables or nightstands. This not only looks appealing, it allows for a yin and yang type of balance.

2. Avoid bedroom clutter. Although this seems obvious in any culture, the Chinese believe that clutter in the bedroom equates to clutter in your life. Having a blaring TV, exercise equipment or a desk workspace in your bedroom can destroy the good energy. Eliminate anything that is unnecessary from blocking the flow of good energy and you will achieve a good feng shui balance.

3. Think about furniture placement. If you have extra furniture pieces in your bedroom, be careful about where they are placed. It is important to keep sharp or pointed edges of furniture pointed away from the bed where you sleep. If they must point toward you, soften the edges by placing a plant nearby. Likewise, if you place a table or shelf in the corner of the room diagonally, place a plant behind it in the empty space to avoid dead energy zones. The goal is to keep the energy flowing freely throughout the bedroom and placing plants in sharp or empty spaces can help soften the flow.

4. Choose colors wisely. To keep the balance of energies in the bedroom, it is important to choose colors that are soothing and relaxing. The best colors for the bedroom are colors that are similar to human skin colors, everything from creamy whites to chocolate browns. These colors are calming and set the mood for a balanced and stable bedroom. Equally as important is the lighting in your bedroom. Candles are the best form of light for feng shui so be sure to place many in your bedroom. Electric light on a dimmer is the second best as it can change with the varying moods and moments.

5. Decorate in balance. When choosing wall art or other decorations for the bedroom, choose images and photographs that represent things that you want to attain. For example, water is related to wealth in the Chinese culture, so a painting of an oceanscape or a waterfall would foster a feeling of wealth. Likewise, a brightly colored, positive image can bring about much better energy than a drab and dreary work of art. Choose pieces of bedroom furniture that make you feel good and place them in areas of openness and balance.

Although it is difficult to achieve a perfectly feng shui bedroom, following these simple guidelines can help you to have a more balanced and pleasurable space. Check over your bedroom carefully. Be sure every piece in it, whether it is furniture or decoration, has a special meaning to you and makes you feel good to look at. This positive energy will help bring forth good energy, good health and good fortune.

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